Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Baldwin Hills & Office Design

Located in Culver City, Baldwin Hills are part of California state parks, with breathtaking views of Los Angeles below.
The hike I took today left me amazingly re-charged afterwards. There is something in the air that energizes the lungs and the mind. Could it be the eucalyptus scent? Or is it the fragrance of the sage bushes? I felt inspired.
This is what this blog is about: discovering natural design and bringing it back home.

What do you do with inspiration? How do you channel it?
Somehow and design-wise, what comes to (my clearer) mind after a walk there is Office Space design. 
Sitting at a desk, in a beautified office, one would want to write, reflect, let the imagination sore and capture the inspiration and the motivation.

Here is #1 Office scenario, which brings in the blue sky and the happy bush sunflowers.

Carson table lamp (Rejuvenation)
Gas Task armchair (Design Within Reach)

Modu-licious #4 (Blu Dot) / Reed Laplant Dunlin desk (Rejuvenation)

Here is #2 Office scenario, which includes the shimmer of California white sage shrubs, some splashes of yellow still, and the earthy texture of a local gastropod.

Cherner Task chair (Design Within Reach) / Modern Pencil holder (Rejuvenation)
Single Unit desk (YLiving)

Rook Lamp (Blu Dot)

Medina Rug (Design Within Reach)

Here is #3 Office scenario, which now let us imagine the fragrance of the eucalyptus trees and enjoy the pale yellow dune primrose.

Carson amp (Rejuvenation)

 Artwood Desk / Beckett Shelf  (Crate & Barrel)

Saarinen Executive armchair (Design Within Reach)

Mystic rug (YLiving)

Finally #4 Office scenario that offers the expansive whiteness of clouds, and of the datura flowers.

Ross Lovegrove Rectangular table (Knoll)
Gigi Swivel chair (Design Within Reach)

Modu-licious #1 (Blu Dot)

Salome Charcoal Grey Rug (Crate and Barrel)                                                     AJ Table Lamp (Design Within Reach)

The White Sage is cooling and also sacred. It has been used by Native American Indians for healing and  purification (Sage is from the Mint family.) When the dried leaves are burnt, their anti-bacterial properties and earthy aroma clear the atmosphere. I just love their fragrance 🙏 

The beautiful Eucalyptus trees come from Australia. Their odorous foliage invigorates the air we breathe.
A great way to enjoy these natural scents in your interior spaces is by diffusing them as essential oils.
Diffuser by Artnaturals

Stadler Form Mia Diffuser (Bed Bath & Beyond)

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